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The Rishis Of ancient India applied their minds and discovered many parts and sciences for the well being of future generation of mankind. One such   science is Astrology. There are several branches in Asterology of which   one is Horoscopy. i.e. casting & reading of Horoscope based on the   position of planets at the time of birth of a person and the movements of   planets accross the zodiac. This a well-developed science as ecidenced   from ancient manuscripts like brigu samhita, jathka parjihatha etc.  Palmistry numerology and nadi reading are the other disciplines.


These days we hear about people with powers of extra sensitive perceptions (ESP). The Rishi were holy sages who controlled the five senses and  concentrated on the one divine being – paramathma. They possessed spiritual powers that far-exceeded that of ESP People. By these  powers they were able to see ahead of time and space With this foresight. The Rishis like Agastyhiya, Kousika and Vssishta have given predictions of the human beings who will occupy this world. Let us take for instance any particular moments at present. Many lives are coming in to this world at  this moment. Viz, Human, Plant and animal lives. The Rishis have ignored  the last too and confined their predictions only for those individuals who  the Rishis out of there foreknowledge knew will come forward to listen and  benefit from these predictions. The age during which each such individual will come forward to hear their predictions is also for told by the Rishis.
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